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CES 3-Part Overview

CES developed our base 3-part system, micro, grow & bloom, to be the cleanest and highest quality mineral-based fertilizer system available. Handmade by our (extended) family business, we take no shortcuts in assuring that we offer a product line that is reasonably priced, without sacrificing the quality of the products or the growth potential of plants. We take pride in the fact that our products contain no artificial hormones or growth regulators and we never add any dyes to our recipes. The CES line was made to be simple and easy to use for beginner gardeners, while also being adaptable for advanced gardening techniques. The 3-PART is developed for use across a wide spectrum of water sources, as well as growing techniques from Deep Water Culture to good old fashioned soil. CES 3-Part is the base to healthy and happy plants.

MICRO 6-0-0

CES Micro is the foundation of the CES mineral-based line. Micro is to be used in conjunction with the grow and/or bloom, in order to achieve a solid fertilizer base which can be used on it’s own, or built on with CES additives to achieve maximum growth. Micro is comprised of a high quality Nitrogen and Calcium base, fortified with micro nutrients. Micro is to be used throughout the entire growth cycle of a plant, regardless of vegetative or flowering cycles. Micro is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted and mixed first, before adding any other components of the CES system, failure to do so can cause lock-out with other ingredients.

GROW 2-1-6

CES Grow is another component of the CES base 3-part. To be used in the vegetative stage, grow adds more Nitrogen for growth, and Potassium to enhance the plant’s photosynthetic rate and energy transfer throughout the plant. Grow is used only in the vegetative stage and is completely omitted during the blooming stage.

BLOOM 0-6-5

CES Bloom is the second component of the base three part blooming formula, to be used in conjunction with the micro. Bloom is a Phosphorus heavy formula for enhancing flower production, as well as to encourage a plant to shift it’s hormonal signals from vegetative to flowering. Bloom also contains Potassium to enhance the plant’s photosynthetic rate and energy transfer throughout the plant. Bloomalso contains lesser amounts of Magnesium and Sulfur, to help satisfy a plant’s needs. Bloom is also added to our vegetative usage guides, in conjunction with the micro and grow.


Sizes on Hand:

  • Quarts
  • Gallons
  • 2.5 Gallons
  • All sizes now 20% off

The CES additives line-up

Plant AMP, Uncle John’s BlendMAG-Amped, Sugaree, Sour-Dee, & the powerful Bulletproof Si are the “icing on the cake” of the CES 3-part base line-up. Comprised of high quality, bio-available elements, theCES additives are designed for maximized plant uptake, both through the roots and through foliar applications. This proprietary formula makes for “on demand” availability, taking a plant’s ability to optimize it’s overall growth and take it to the next level. Please note that proper care and treatment will extend the shelf-life of all our products. Stored properly out of direct light and extreme temperatures, we expect to see a 12-24 month shelf life on these products.


Plant AMP is a our OMRI listed calcium product.  Plant AMP is also registered with CDFA as an organic input material.  Calcium is the basis of cell wall development in a plant and the organic Calcium inPlant AMP is extremely soluble, providing an easily utilized source of Calcium. Plant AMP can be used throughout the entire growth cycle to optimize a plants growth and is approved for organic food crop production. Plant AMP is also a fantastic foliar spray, it is very “clean” leaving no heavy build-up or residue on the plant. Plant AMP can also be used in conjunction with our full line of additives and base nutrients for custom foliar applications.

There is a nuance of Plant AMP that is sure to cause some questions from first time users regarding pH drops after adding it to a reservoir.Plant AMP is derived from organic acids, which will cause a pH drop to around 4 right after mixing, this is essentially a “false” reading. This drop is not caused by a corrosive, strong-bonded acid such as Phosphoric Acid, and will rise on it’s own after 24 hours as it breaks down. It is perfectly okay to water with the fertilizer solution immediately after mixing, it will not harm the plant material or negatively interact with the availability of the other fertilizer elements. If a gardener is starting with a low pH source water (typical of R/O water), we recommend adjusting to 7 before adding any fertilizers to the reservoir.


Uncle John’s Blend (UJB), is a Potassium mixture that is used primarily to enhance a plant’s metabolic rate, especially for flowering plants during the blooming stage. Potassium is a major component in photosynthetic processes, including the production of ATP (plant sugars) and the transfer of those sugars throughout the plant tissue. UJB makes a very “clean” foliar spray that will not leave heavy built-up or residue on the plant tissue. UJB can also be used in conjunction with our 2 other additives for custom foliar applications.

UJB can be used throughout the entire growth cycle, but definitely is more critical in the flowering stages of a plant’s life to maintain energy levels and maximize plant growth. A plant is essentially “dying” as it goes to fruit or seed, adding UJB helps to maintain the metabolic rate of plants that are in some cases not producing as much ATP towards the end of its blooming/fruiting stage.


Mag-Amped is a revolutionary Magnesium product, our proprietary, proven formula, is readily available and easy for the plant to uptake, with an excellent overall solubility. Magnesium is essential for chlorophyll production in plants, in turn chlorophyll is the component in photosynthesis, essentially starting the process through collection of light energy. Mag-Amped is fantastic as a foliar spray, having the same low molecular weight and “clean” properties as our other additives. Mag-Amped can also be used in conjunction with our 2 other additives for custom foliar applications.

The reason we separated our Magnesium from our Calcium additive is simple, plants don’t always need extra Magnesium.  Mag-Amped is specially formulated for plants that demand more Magnesium, as well as for situations where the light intensity isn’t optimal, for example; filtered light in greenhouses, plants in shadier areas, fog or smoke from forest fires, or cases where and indoor gardener has to shut down several lights due to a summer heat wave, or power outages.


My darling Sugaree… shake it, shake it Sugaree!
Here is some detailed information on the science of Sugaree & Sour-Dee