Active Ingredients By Weight Citric Acid0.05% Inert Ingredients Yeast (Enzymes), Potassium Sorbate, WaterTotal:100.00%

Nuke em is:

  • Non Toxic
  • Made with Food Grade Ingredients
  • Super Concentrated
  • Non Allergenic
  • Uses NO Oils, Detergents or nasty chemicals.

Nuke em:

  • Exceeds state regulations for zero toxic pesticide residue on plant materials
  • Does kill Broad Mites, Russet Mites, Spider mites, Root Aphids, Leaf Aphids, Thrips, Whitefly and more
  • Does kill eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects
  • Does control mildew and mold before and after harvest
  • Is concentrated and economical
  • Is approved for use on or after the day of harvest
  • Is safe around people and pets
  • Is High Tech Breakthrough Technology
  • May be sprayed just before harvest to prevent leaf mold while in the drying process
  • Doesn’t alter the taste or smell of growing crops or finished produce
  • Doesn’t lower the value of produce
  • Doesn’t slow photosynthesis from by reducing light to photon receptors on leaves like other oil based pesticides and plant detergent washes
  • Doesn’t slow photosynthesis from residue clogging the leaf stomata like other oil and detergent based pesticides and plant washes
  • Doesn’t have plant oils in it, so no oily residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t have soap in it, so no soapy residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t have chemical surfactants in it, so no residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t have petroleum or Pyrethrins in it, so no residue on flowers or leaves
  • Doesn’t smell bad
  • Doesn’t make leaves, stems and flowers sticky

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This is the modified Nuke em application our customers said helped them with Broad Mite and Russet infestations. Let us know how it worked for you.


DAY ONE: Apply one application at strong strength (lights OFF), wait until it dries and then spray another application at strong strength, wait for it to dry and then spray another application at strong strength. (Three applications on the same day allowing the plants to completely dry between applications).

DAY THREE: Spray one strong strength application.

DAY SIX. Spray one strong strength application. Check for any signs of insects in the following days.


I have a big infestation of broad mites, what are my options? <— click here for additional questions

Because Nuke em is a contact killer it is very important that every mite and egg come into contact with Nuke em. Even in the best conditions with careful applications it is very hard get complete coverage on the first spray.

Growers are reporting to us that they have had good luck with these MODIFIED applications. Remember to wash all other insecticides and fungicides off of leaves before applying Nuke em. Modified applications are always best done by spraying a few plants and observing before spraying them all.

95% of growers that have insect problems have soil/growing mediums that are oversaturated with fertilizer causing the plant to become weak. The insects now have a home on a plant that can’t put up a decent self-defense. It is extremely important that the plant have this excess fertilizer washed from the growing media before any application of any brand of insecticide. Why? When the fertilizer in the growing media is higher than the osmotic threshold of the plant’s root system the plant becomes starved for water and mineral ions. If the plant can’t get water from the roots it will take water in through the leaves. If the water sprayed on the leaves has an insecticide in it, the insecticide will be brought into the plant for use in photosynthesis and vascular relocation. You never want to feed a plant insecticide. So make sure the plant is fully hydrated before any application of insecticide or fungicide no matter what brand or type of insecticide it is.

It is always best when flushing a growing media that you check to make sure all of the soluble nutrients are out of it. Growing medium should be flushed in such a fashion that the water coming from the pot is no more than 50 PPM/TDS above the water supply’s PPM/TDS going into the pot. Only a PPM/TDS/EC meter can tell you this.

These initial flushing steps below will make sure that the plants will hydrate properly.

These steps will help the plant recover quickly from the initial insect attack and stress from insecticide applications.

  1. Flush the plant site with Z treated water. Use at least twice the amount of water than what the container holds in media; but more water is always better in this instance. (This includes plants grown in hydroponics.) Wait an hour and then pour a small amount of water across the top of the soil and catch the runoff for testing. You want to see this PPM number no more than 50 PPM above the PPM of your virgin water. The use of Flying Skull’s Z in the water at the time of the flush, and continued use afterward, would of great benefit to the plants.
  2. If you don’t have access to a hand held EC/PPM meter, flush your plants very well with large amounts of water runoff three times and wait one hour before applying Nuke em.

After applying Nuke em, resume feeding your soil or soil-less grown plants. Always use the Z7 as it is a key factor in healthy plant growth.