• CANNA TERRA is a product line which is specially developed for growing plants in pre fertilized soil and soilless medium. CANNA TERRA can be used for cultivating in both containers & beds, indoor & outdoor.
  • CANNA TERRA nutrients are one-part nutrients for the growth and flowering stages. To make the most of the TERRA nutrients, CANNA has a special potting mix: CANNA Terra Professional Plus.

Click HERE for additional CANNA Terra lines (Terra Vega, and Terra Flores) info and feeding schedules

*We do NOT carry Terra Professional Plus


CANNA AQUA is a user-friendly range of products for recirculating systems, like NFT or ebb and flow on inert mediums such as clay pebbles. With these systems the drainage water doesn’t flow away but is reused. CANNA AQUA nutrients are made in such a way that the plants regulate the pH themselves. Keeping the pH in the nutrient reservoir within the optimum pH range is therefore very easy with CANNA AQUA nutrients.

In this way CANNA makes one of the most complex cultivation systems considerably easier for the grower.

Click HERE for additional CANNA Aqua lines ( Aqua Vega, and Aqua Flores) info and feeding schedules

*We do NOT carry Aqua Clay Pebbles


CANNA COCO is a line of nutrients and substrates which are specially developed for growing plants in coco. The first coco cultivation product line was CANNA’s coco line. Nowadays it’s the most popular growing product line for both professionals and hobbyists.

Click HERE for additional CANNA Coco lines (Coco A & B, and Coco Bricks) and info

*We do NOT carry Coco Slabs or Coco 50L bags


CANNA additives are products that are used alongside the main nutrient. Additives improve plant health and yield. They include

  • CANNA PK 13/14.
  • Click HERE for additional Additive info, and feeding schedules

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