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Planting indoors can be a real fun! You can get your kitchen windowsill overrun with plants in various stages, and you are going to love it!


  • Start by cutting the potato in half, and then inserting 3 toothpicks midway into the halved potato and resting it in a shallow container of water:

  • With the cut part of the potato submerged in water and the top half of it exposed to the air, and placed on a sunlit windowsill, roots should begin to grow from the bottom and stems from the top. Some notes state that up to 20 shoots could sprout from the top, all of which could become a separate potato plant!


  • There is a process for pruning and planting the stems in order to get vigorous potato vines, but we will only try our hand at getting this “dude” to sprout before tackling anything beyond that.

Course 1: After letting a few more weeks of growing time on our sunny windowsill, our sweet potato has sprouted both roots and stems as we had hoped for. Take a look at the pictures below.

  • Course 2: Once the sprouts reached about 5 inches (12.7cm) in length, we twisted them off and put them in a shallow bowl of water to promote root growth directly from these slip vines:

  • Course 3: Not even a day later the slips began growing roots from the base of their stems:

  • Once the roots reached about 1 inch (2.54 cm) long, we put them in a burlap coffee sack planter bag:

  • Course 4: It has been a little over a month since we planted our potatoes and their vine growth has taken off so well! Just take a closer look:

  • Course 5: Not long after the vines began taking off, they really accelerated growth and began to “conquest” the ground around the bags. So, we decided to make some DIY vine supports from branches we had at hand: