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What you Need:

A couple of old bike tires (courtesy of a garage sale), five feet of threaded rod, some gardening string and we have a cheeky-cool round trellis  perfect for climbers. In this case, sweet peas. Imagine what the trellis will look like in a month or two. A column of delightful efflorescence!


Leave both the tire and the spokes on.

Remove the inner bolts of the tire

Run the “All Thread” through both tires and put nuts on each side of the tires to hold them in place.

Drive the All Thread about 28″ into the ground for stability. It still sways a little, as the All Thread is thin, but it wont tip over, because of the bottom tire being a wide base, and the deepness of the All Thread. As peas grow up it, it should actually become more stable as they weigh it evenly down.

Last Run a basic gardening string between every other spoke. Tie each length off, instead of wrapping it over and under. Then Plant  Sweet Peas  at the base of each string.