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  • Emerald Harvest!

    Emerald Harvest!

    EMERALD HARVEST® HYDROPONIC NUTRIENTS Our premium nutrients, supplements, root inoculants and plant tonics are formulated to bring you greener gardens and fuller wallets. You will achieve simple, easy success in your [...]

  • SRILLS KILLS! Organic, 420 Friendly Pest  & Disease Control

    SRILLS KILLS! Organic, 420 Friendly Pest & Disease Control

     Check out Srills 2 Million Dollar Guarantee! Stop by Eugene Garden & Harvest center and pick up a couple free samples!   420 Pest Bully Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly  No Chemicals  Child/Pet [...]

  • New Hours!

    New Hours!

    Eugene Garden & Harvest Center is happy to announce that we are now open on Saturdays! Our new hours are: Monday           10:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday [...]

  • Royal Gold Potting Soil

    Royal Gold Potting Soil

    Eugene Garden & Harvest sells Royal Gold soil by the bag or by the pallet. We also offer delivery for a minimal fee. Call for prices or with [...]



    VEGAMATRIX GROW Engineered Veganically for Explosive Growth Vegamatrix Grow is formulated using the Earth’s most powerful All-Natural chelating agents. These chelating agents guarantee that your plant is getting the maximum [...]



    Eugene Garden & Harvest Center will have new business hours starting  1/23/17 Our new hours will be as listed: Monday        10:00am - 6:00pm Tuesday       [...]


Early Girl tomatoes are an extremely popular variety that is one of the most common supermarket and backyard garden varieties in the U.S. This indeterminate variety grows to about the size of a tennis ball and has the look and shape of what most people would equate with [...]

Attention Gardeners! We have just discovered that a immensely popular pesticide product Guardian has been proven to contain Ivermectin. It has been flagged on a few local tests. We have since pulled them off the shelves and are recommending all customers trying to maintain an organic garden to STOP [...]

THINK GREEN Making seed pots out of old newspapers is not only a thrifty use of the newspapers, but also good for the planet. Commercial seed pots usually make you choose between throw-away plastic, or expensive pressed peat moss pots that can go straight into the ground, but [...]

Did you know Cinnamon is an anti-fungal? Cinnamon kills the fungus that the fungus gnats eat, so it helps get rid of them. Also, Cinnamon helps prevent damping off, a fungal infection that little seedlings are very vulnerable to. Cinnamon is a delicious herb that makes a wonderful [...]

The Brandywine varieties are some of the most popular heirloom tomatoes grown in North America. They are known for their huge size, great taste, and pumpkin-like ridges. Many color options are also available in the Brandywine family, including red, pink, orange, yellow and even black tomatoes. Their distinctive [...]

  Nutrients: Sizes on Hand: Quarts Gallons 2.5 Gallons All sizes now 20% off CES 3-Part Overview CES developed our base 3-part system, micro, grow & bloom, to be the cleanest and highest quality mineral-based fertilizer system available. Handmade by our (extended) family business, we take no shortcuts [...]

Click here for Feeding Schedules  Nutrients: Sizes on Hand *Some products excluded Quarts- 15% off now Gallons-20% off now 2 1/5 Gallons- 25% 0ff Flora Series  Click here for an informational video Recognized for consistently delivering reliable results for all plants, growing methods, media and applications. Flora Series, [...]

How to Succeed at Planting Asparagus - With Just a Little Planning First By planting asparagus you will be following in the footsteps of many long-gone civilizations. The ancient Egyptians ate asparagus - the Greeks thought it grew from a rams horn buried in the ground - the [...]

Click here for Botanicare Grow Guides   Sizes on Hand:  *Some products excluded QUARTS (10% off now) GALLONS (20% off now) 2 1/2 GALLONS (25% off now) 5 GALLONS ( 40% off now) Pro Grow:   Pure Blend® Pro Grow 3-2-4 contains only natural sources of essential major, [...]

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