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DOWN TO EARTH Organic Potting Soil & Compost

Now on sale for only $20.00 DTE™ Potting Media and Composts let you strengthen the complex soil environment of your garden to promote healthy, vibrant plant growth. Good soil provides aeration, proper water absorption and plenty of space for roots to expand, which allows plants to grow at a natural pace and produce the best tasting, [...]

General Organics Nutrients

General Organics       Sizes on Hand: Quarts- Now 15% off Gallons-Now 20% off 2 1/2 Gallons-Now 25% off   BioThrive: Bloom and Grow   Vegan plant food formulas BioThrive vegan plant food formulas are specifically designed to meet the comprehensive needs of all plants through every stage of growth. We base our formulations on [...]

40% off all Botanicare!

As a part of our New Year's Sale Eugene Garden & Harvest is selling all Botanicare products at 40% off! Check out the Botanicare line : Here Come on by and check out this great sale!    

House and Garden Nutrients

Bases:     Aqua Flakes Line: 30% off   The complete base nutrient for expanded clay, rockwool and coco. House & Garden Aqua Flakes are made specifically for re-circulating hydroponics systems. This liquid product’s unique composition expedites the transfer of nutrients from the root zone into the foliage. At the same time, each application provides plants [...]

Fasfil Butane

We carry: Singles- 300ML can Cases- 12 300ML cans Master Cases- 8 cases (12 cans in each) of 300ML cans Fasfil Premium 5X RefinedButane Offers 100% Pure, Clean Burning Butane Gas For Use In High Quality, Jet And Torch Style Refillable Lighters. FasFil Large Premium Butane 12 Can Pack Quintuple Refined 300ml / 10fl oz.  Product [...]

Lucienne Butane

We carry: Singles - 300ML. Cases- 12 300ML cans Master cases- 6 cases of (12 in each) 300ML cans JUMBO CANS singles- 400ML Cases- 12 400ML cans Master Cases- 4 cases of (12 in each) 400ML cans   Lucienne Ultra Refined Butane is made in the United Kingdom in the Keen plant and bears the Near Zero logo. The [...]

Power 5 Butane

We carry: Singles- 300ML can Cases- 12 300ML cans Master Cases- 8 cases (12 cans in each) of 300ML cans     Power 5x refined butane is one of the cleanest fuels available on the market. It has virtually no impurities and will also help clear the jets on lighters which have been clogged by inferior [...]

Botanicare Roots

RHIZO GEL Pop your next round of roots with Rhizo Gel®.  Not just another cloning gel, Rhizo Gel was engineered from scratch with proprietary ingredients and tested extensively in the greenhouses at Botanicare® and in field trials. Rhizo Gel® promotes root growth on herbaceous and woody cuttings, allowing easy absorption of the rooting hormone Indole-3-Butryic Acid. [...]

Botanicare Supplements

Click here for Botanicare Grow Guides Sizes on Hand:  *Some products excluded QUARTS (10% off now) GALLONS (20% off now) 2 1/2 GALLONS (25% off now) 5 GALLONS ( 40% off now) pH UP Use to raise the pH of nutrient solutions. A pH of 5.5-6.5 is recommended for proper nutrient uptake in most plant varieties. [...]

Cutting Edge Solutions

  Nutrients: Sizes on Hand: Quarts Gallons 2.5 Gallons All sizes now 20% off CES 3-Part Overview CES developed our base 3-part system, micro, grow & bloom, to be the cleanest and highest quality mineral-based fertilizer system available. Handmade by our (extended) family business, we take no shortcuts in assuring that we offer a product line [...]