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How to layer bulbs in a pot

Overview If you want a spring-flowering display to go on as long as possible, plant separate layers of different varieties of bulbs in one pot. All you need to create a display which flowers in succession is a large pot and a variety of bulbs that will flower at different times. Here, we've used two varieties [...]

Help from kelp: How ocean plants help our garden plants

Add Kelp to your gardening process   While using kelp and kelp products to enhance growing environments is not new, it has been a well kept secret until fairly recently. Kelp is not a primary source of macro nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK). However, as any organic gardener knows, developing and maintaining a healthy plant [...]

Build This Predator-Proof, Portable Chicken Coop for Your Backyard

Info found on MOTHER EARTH NEWS *Note: You shouldn’t attempt a project like this without any proper guidance because, more likely than not, you'll end up with a half-built project with hundreds of dollars invested with nothing to show for it. If you’re new to this I personally recommend checking out this guide here as the steps [...]

25 Plants for a Fragrant Chocolate Garden

Chocolate Everywhere Imagine a garden with the fragrance of a freshly opened box of delicious chocolates! It's not as crazy as it sounds. There are a handful of plants that have a distinct chocolate scent, reminiscent of milk chocolate with a dash of vanilla.   Delightful! The chocolate-scented plants are listed below. A really fun idea [...]

Understanding HID (MH/HPS) Grow Lights – Lighting Buyers Guide

High Intensity Discharge "HID" - Lighting HID, what is it? Firstly, HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. In easy terms, its a type of light bulb, a very large light bulb (some about the size of your forearm) Its a sealed tube filled with gas, and creates light when the gas is ignited. A regular household [...]

Starting Seeds Indoors – What Went Wrong?

Info found on Grow Veg By Barbara Pleasant Last night I dug through the recycling bin to find empty cans I could use to raise my little flats of cabbage and kale seedlings closer to the florescent light fixture meant to mimic the sun. Ideally, there should be no more than 2 inches (5 cm) between [...]

Fall Gardening Plans: Growing Garlic

Info found on: Urban Farmer If you’re accustomed to the typical store-bought garlic, you may be surprised by the variety in flavor, texture and coloring among the various garlic varieties available in seed catalogs. The vast majority of commercial garlic is a single variety, much of it grown in California. Contrast this with the hundreds of [...]


Info found on The Benefits of Composting When your trash is burned at a landfill, it generates a significant amount of methane, a greenhouse gas. But when food waste is brought to the compost, bacteria in the compost pile breaks down the plant matter to generate fertilizer, which avoids the massive production of methane. Recently, [...]

Twenty herbs that will grow in shade

Info found on Just because your yard is partially shaded doesn't mean you can't grow your own herbs this summer. Plenty of herbs actually prefer partial or dappled shade, especially in warmer climates. You often hear that herbs are sun-lovers, but its surprising how happy many herbs are in shade. Here are herbs that will [...]

How To Plant Sweet Potatoes Indoors: Great Idea for Kids

Info and pictures found on  Planting indoors can be a real fun! You can get your kitchen windowsill overrun with plants in various stages, and you are going to love it!   Start by cutting the potato in half, and then inserting 3 toothpicks midway into the halved potato and resting it in a shallow container [...]