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Fall Gardening Plans: Growing Garlic

Info found on: Urban Farmer If you’re accustomed to the typical store-bought garlic, you may be surprised by the variety in flavor, texture and coloring among the various garlic varieties available in seed catalogs. The vast majority of commercial garlic is a single variety, much of it grown in California. Contrast this with the hundreds of [...]


Info found on The Benefits of Composting When your trash is burned at a landfill, it generates a significant amount of methane, a greenhouse gas. But when food waste is brought to the compost, bacteria in the compost pile breaks down the plant matter to generate fertilizer, which avoids the massive production of methane. Recently, [...]

Twenty herbs that will grow in shade

Info found on Just because your yard is partially shaded doesn't mean you can't grow your own herbs this summer. Plenty of herbs actually prefer partial or dappled shade, especially in warmer climates. You often hear that herbs are sun-lovers, but its surprising how happy many herbs are in shade. Here are herbs that will [...]

20 Crafty Small Space Garden Ideas; Solutions for Saving Space

Info Found on Garden Lovers Club They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s no more urgent necessity than the limitations of space when it comes to gardening. We’ve created a list to guide our fellow gardeners through the creative and crafty process of making the most of your space, selecting 20 of the [...]

How To Plant Sweet Potatoes Indoors: Great Idea for Kids

Info and pictures found on  Planting indoors can be a real fun! You can get your kitchen windowsill overrun with plants in various stages, and you are going to love it!   Start by cutting the potato in half, and then inserting 3 toothpicks midway into the halved potato and resting it in a shallow container [...]

Guide to Growing Early Girl Tomatoes

Early Girl tomatoes are an extremely popular variety that is one of the most common supermarket and backyard garden varieties in the U.S. This indeterminate variety grows to about the size of a tennis ball and has the look and shape of what most people would equate with a “standard” tomato. The Early Girl is fast-growing, [...]

STOP using Guardian Pesticide: Here’s why

Attention Gardeners! We have just discovered that a immensely popular pesticide product Guardian has been proven to contain Ivermectin. It has been flagged on a few local tests. We have since pulled them off the shelves and are recommending all customers trying to maintain an organic garden to STOP using this product. ODA is investigating the matter. [...]

How to Make Sturdy Recycled Newspaper Pots

THINK GREEN Making seed pots out of old newspapers is not only a thrifty use of the newspapers, but also good for the planet. Commercial seed pots usually make you choose between throw-away plastic, or expensive pressed peat moss pots that can go straight into the ground, but use up a scarce natural resource in the [...]

Gardening Tip: Cinnamon

Did you know Cinnamon is an anti-fungal? Cinnamon kills the fungus that the fungus gnats eat, so it helps get rid of them. Also, Cinnamon helps prevent damping off, a fungal infection that little seedlings are very vulnerable to. Cinnamon is a delicious herb that makes a wonderful addition to teas, cookies and more! Cinnamon doesn’t [...]

Growing Brandywine Tomatoes

The Brandywine varieties are some of the most popular heirloom tomatoes grown in North America. They are known for their huge size, great taste, and pumpkin-like ridges. Many color options are also available in the Brandywine family, including red, pink, orange, yellow and even black tomatoes. Their distinctive potato-plant-like leaves set them apart from most other [...]